We are not the free-thinking autonomous individuals we would like to believe, but inheritors of impulses, appetites and drives that predate our assumed self-will. To misquote Larkin, our mums and dads fuck us up as much as theirs fucked them up and there's just no escape.

Fyn Day has brought a positive sense of hope and humour to the story of one girl, Alice, who now an adult is still a victim of her childhood.

"This is a really good book, thank you for writing it. I recognised my own confusions and dilemmas. Alice is still a victim of her upbringing, and always will be. People need to be made aware of these issues. At last I have someone to identify with." Name Withheld, Bristol.

As a piece of creative writing, The Alice Factor justifies its existence on your bookshelf. Some passages you will wish to read and re-read. Some will have you laughing out loud; others will make you think long and hard about the lives we all lead in the world we have created. Read extracts from the book.

"Reading some of the passages is like eating rich fruit cake, so many different flavours and textures. I really enjoyed it." Mr von Habsburg, Brighton.

The Alice Factor has a lot to offer. As a page-turner, it's a fun and entertaining romantic story of star-crossed love and the aspirations of a student doctor.

"I finished The Alice Factor dead quick, which is a good sign as I always speed through books when I am enjoying them. You really captured the milieu of student/graduate life. Skilful writing. I feel I have some growing up to do." Mr Ellacott, London.

As an examination of major themes such as loyalty, death, family and love, it maintains pace and accessibility with the creation of an authentic world inhabited with convincing characters.

"I felt as if Sean was a real person, a friend. It is so real, and Alice. A great book, I look forward to your next." Mrs Webster, Chichester.

There is enough irresponsible self-destruction to keep the interest of any red-blooded male and enough emotion to appeal to any hot-blooded woman.

"A really enjoyable read. So well written it kept me wondering whether it was fact or fiction." Mr Stanley, Surrey.

Readers are simultaneously challenged and entertained.

"It's hard to believe it's written by a man. Sean certainly has a deep insight into women's emotions. Pretty impressive stuff!!" Miss Macke, Brighton.

The book is set in and around two English regions of immense interest, Bristol and Chichester. Fyn's appreciation of both places shines through in the writing, as if both cities were leading characters in the story.

"The descriptions of local landmarks were very good. It was fascinating to read a story set in locations which were so familiar." Mr Sparke, Chichester.

Although a romantic story, The Alice Factor is crafted with the pace and excitement of a thriller.

"Join Sean in his mad pursuit of idyllic love at the expense of his career, existing relationships and possibly even his sanity. Don't misread me, this is no Mills & Boon; irresponsible self-destruction, suicidal drinking, motorcycle grease, torn leather and more - all driven by an idealism most people do not have the courage to deal with. Stuff the mirror - this is Alice through the emotional shredder." Mr. Morgan, Wokingham

You simply must buy this book.

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The Alice Factor
Fyn Day

price UK 7.99
ISBN 0 95 44983 0 5
Published by Blue Sky Press

Cover photograph reproduced
with permission by David Hamilton
from his 'Age of Innocence'


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