Fyn Day has been a writer for 25 years. But although his poetry has won much acclaim, Fyn had to pay the rent, and so for too long he was unable to devote himself full time to his passion. A terrifying cancer scare persuaded him to take the plunge and within twelve months his first novel was published. Now, heavily involved in screenwriting, he is preparing for the satisfaction of seeing his first feature film go into production.

"Because I was very academic as a child, I was channelled into activities which were academically selective. I chose my university course according to how difficult it was to get into! Not the kind of motivation required to succeed in a medical field. I produced poems, short stories and comedy sketches while at university in Bristol, and it seemed to me this was the career I wanted to pursue, rather than the one I was supposed to be there to pursue. Ironically, if I'd not been so academically able at school I'm sure I would have been given head to achieve my creative potential from a much earlier age."

An accident resulting in multiple fractures to his right hand cut short Fyn's intended career. After that he took on one job after another, doing everything from motorcycle courier to bank management. He worked as an advertising copywriter, and an editor for monthly magazines, as a technical author and a marketing manager. He now writes screenplays and edits film for production companies including Running Legend Ltd and Signalize.


The Alice Factor
Fyn Day

ISBN 0 95 44983 0 5

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